Web Sites

I have been building web sites for over 15-years. Allot has changed in that time. It is more important then ever that your web site use the latest responsive techniques so that visitors using mobile devices will have a quality experience on your site.

Mobile Apps

Mobile devices are everywhere and with features like GPS and cameras, their applications are almost limitless. I can help your business leverage this technology with a custom mobile application for clients or internal use.

Web Services

Web services are a means of software communication and they have proliferated over the past 5-years. They underpin many of the major services that we all use everyday like PayPal, Facebook and countless others. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from developing their own web services to provide a uniform means for software communications. Imagine a client places an order on your web site and your inventory is adjusted automatically or your receptionist makes a change to your schedule and your mobile calendar app is updated automatically.

Desktop Applications

Some applications are best suited for the desktop environment. I can provide custom desktop solutions for your business.

Server Applications

Email and web are examples of network services that a typical user uses daily. If you need to implement a custom network service, I can help.